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Esmod Dubai Graduation 2012

13 Jul , 2012  

Watching your years of blood, sweat and hard work being presented for the public to watch can only garner a proud feeling. There have been varied opinions on the show, its designers and some of the collections. Since I have only a fondness for emerging artistry and efforts, I am going to say that I enjoyed the show and appreciated some of the works of art.

Also, since I can never imagine doing what these young talents (keeping up with the insane amount of hard work and pressure the fashion industry demands), are capable of, I feel its only appropriate to appreciate. Besides, young artistry can only grow when nurtured and recognized for it’s efforts.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Farah from FAZ Fashion Diary with whom I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

The video showcases some of Fatma Gargash’s, Canelle Hostal’s, Kay Li’s collections and more. I was unable to capture Renuka Gandhi’s show on video, so I have shared pictures of her collections with you (below the video).

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  1. Kay Li says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful post! Love you!!


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