Cruise away with Party Cruises in Dubai

26 Jul , 2016   Gallery

When you are trying to figure out a fun way to treat your friends to


Buckle Your Seatbelts on the way to Desert Safari Dubai

26 Jul , 2016   Gallery

A trip to Dubai for the very first time is incomplete without a Desert Safari


5 Tips On Using Currency Markets To Pick Your Next Holiday Destination

27 Jun , 2016   Gallery


The following is a collaborative post on tips to use the currency markets to holiday this summer Author


Braun opens it’s first stand alone store in Dubai

7 Jun , 2016   Video

Braun opens it’s first stand alone store in Dubai. Watch what Bushra Iqbal, Brand Manager,


Huawei Mate 8 Review and Features

17 Apr , 2016   Video

Check out the Huawei Mate 8 features:     Huawei is available at Jacky’s Electronics


Huawei Mate 8

3 Apr , 2016   Video

The Huawei Mate 8 look and feel. A walk through of the phone coming soon:


Local YouTube Sensation Taim Al Falasi and myself for Inspiring Encounters

9 Mar , 2016   Video

Hey Guys! Remember, I along with popular Emirati YouTube sensation Taim Al Falasi, were asked


TOIFA – Times of India Awards in Dubai in March 2016

15 Feb , 2016   Video

The Times of India Awards, TOIFA, will be held in Dubai, at the Dubai Cricket


Inspiring Encounters – Vloggers Taim Al Falasi & Shweta Dembla

6 Feb , 2016  


Hi Guys! I am really excited to tell you that I, along with popular Emirati


At The Top – Burj Khalifa

9 Jan , 2016   Video

Shot with the CANON Legria GH 25, I used the zoom option to it’s maximum.