Sanchit Art hosts Jogen Chowdhry at RIRA Gallery, DIFC, Dubai

18 Oct , 2015   Gallery

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet famous Indian artist Jogen Chowdhury at the


Sara Al Haddad – more than just an Artist

8 Jan , 2013  

It took a while for me to edit this video as I was tempted to

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Opening of RIRA Art Gallery at DIFC Gate Village

22 May , 2012  

Attending an art do always makes me feel like I am at the ‘it’ place

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Hindi movie, ‘Kshay’ (Corrode)

9 Jan , 2012  

I am not even going to try and delve deep into the message of the

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Cornelia’s art imitates….well…Art!

4 Dec , 2011   Gallery

This is Dubai in a Frame’s first email interview. Cornelia Baciu, it is a privelege

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A small feature on my friend, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

15 May , 2011  

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, a consumate digital artist, curator, fashion designer, aide to emerging talent, entrepreneur,

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Jalal Luqman (Digital Artist) ‘Thanks for the Sunshine’

12 May , 2011  

This platform gives me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. I had the